About Us

We are Two Little Divas

It's all about Two Little Divas!
Two Little Divas is a handmade boutique owned and operated by Maxine Haigh.
Our name was inspired by - you guessed it - my two beautiful girls.

Not long after my second daughter was born, I was starting to get frustrated with forever purchasing hair clips and headbands that would continuously break after only a use or two. One day, I decided I had had enough of wasting my money and having always loved crafting, figured I could make something of better quality for my girls.

I started creating, and friends started asking me to make similar items for their girls, and the next think I know Two Little Divas was born.

ALL of our products here are handmade by myself, with my girls helping to pitch in with designs, colour choices, and of course modelling the products!

I take pride in that ALL of my products are made using quality components and are made to last. I invest a lot of time into each design and you as a customer invest money into each piece when purchased, so my ultimate goal is to make sure each piece is made to a high standard, looks beautiful and will be able to be loved for a long time.


All of our items are handmade.

We are always happy to custom make items for you.  Please contact us for more details.

  • Handmade Children’s Clothing
  • Handmade Hair Accessories
  • Handmade Jewellery